Cruising in Scotland

Life on Board – Freedom under Sail

Relaxing on the afterdeckThere is something quite special about casting off your lines, harnessing the forces of nature and experiencing the thrill of travelling under sail. On a sailing yacht, you look out at the world from a different perspective and feel a wonderful sense of freedom.

Imagine waking to the gentle sound of lapping waves, warm sunlight kissing your face and the smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon – that’s often how a day starts on Moonshadow.

Loch Coruisk shore, SkyeLife on board is relaxed and informal. We want you to get the best from your holiday, so you can choose whether to just sit back, read a book and enjoy the spectacular scenery, or to play a more active part in the running of the boat, from passage planning and weather forecasting to helming and drying the dishes.

There will be daily trips ashore so that you can stretch your legs and explore new and exciting parts of Scotland, many of which are only accessible by sea. We’ll take you to the most idyllic wilderness anchorages, where our only company is likely to be a few seals hauled out on the rocks.

Sheeting inThe sea air builds healthy appetites, so mealtimes are very important and you’ll enjoy anything from picnics ashore and al fresco meals on deck to candlelit dinners in the warmth of the saloon

Seals, dolphins and porpoises are our common companions at sea but the sharper eyed onboard may also catch a glimpse of otters along the shoreline or red deer on the skyline. We’ll also be sailing through whale-watching territory, with minke whales and basking sharks inhabiting the waters around Mull and the Small Isles and orcas often spotted in the Minches.
Scotland’s seabird colonies are world class and you’ll be charmed by the comical puffins in their cliff top burrows and awed by the gannets plummeting into the seas around us. Sea and golden eagles are often seen soaring above us as we sail amongst the islands.

Sail trimmmersWith the promise of a hot shower on the bathing platform, you might be tempted to a refreshing swim in the crystal clear Scottish waters. For something a bit more relaxing, try your hand at a spot of fishing or even bait and lay the creel. If you’re lucky, the catch will appear on next day’s menu!

As the evening settles in we’ll sit back and savour the peace and tranquillity of our sheltered surroundings. The backdrop for dinner might be a glowing sunset or we may be lucky enough to enjoy a beach barbeque under a starry sky. Then, with a dram in hand, we’ll mull over the days events.

And where will we go tomorrow? Well, that’s another day!


Thank you both for a really wonderful week sailing last week. You made what was a very challenging time with the weather extremely interesting and a really great sail.

Godfrey, Oldham

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